Fabric ranges


Russells Essentials Palermo Sand 1000x820

At Russells, our huge collection of fabrics includes ranges we've handpicked, and others supplied by well-known fabric houses. From cost-effective to high-end, we have something for everyone.

Russells Eco Milan Nero 1040x680

Eco range

Our eco range of sustainable fabrics is our way of contributing to the global reduction and reuse movement. These polyester and cotton blend fabrics contain part recycled materials such as plastic bottles.

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Russells Essentials Nova Mist 1040x680

Essentials range

Our essentials range offers a versatile array of options to suit your décor and meet functional needs. It’s perfect for everyday living at a cost-effective price point that could cover a whole house on a budget.

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Russells Exclusive San Andres shell 1040x680

Exclusive range

Our exclusive range of designer fabrics are selected especially for us by our partners at some of the world’s leading fabric houses. This range offers an exceptional level of style at great prices.

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Russells Premium Elation Slate 1040x680

Premium range

Our premium range of fabrics brings the next level of style and quality to your home to elevate everyday living. All high quality, this range includes exclusive fabrics and a wide selection from trusted fabric houses.

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Free curtain making

Save on the Russells Designer Range and other selected fabrics.

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