Terms & Guarantees

Standard terms & conditions of trade


1.1 “Seller” shall mean Russells Curtains & Blinds Mobile
“Buyer” shall mean the Buyer or person acting on behalf and with the authority of the Buyer


Proposals are valid for 14 days from the date printed at the top right of the proposal.
Proposals based on builder’s plans will be subject to an on-site check-measure as the building progresses and may be subject to change should the actual building, or the product specifications, differ from the original plans supplied.
Proposals including installation, where the Buyer has agreed to remove existing window furnishings, are based on the hanging of new window coverings on windows free of obstruction. If removal of existing window coverings and/or other similar obstruction is necessary, the Buyer agrees to pay the Seller $15 per pair of drapes/voiles and per track or blind to remove the obstructions.

Our guarantees

Workmanship - The Seller guarantees all workmanship on manufactured products including Drapes, Voiles, Roman Blinds, Cushions, Tiebacks etc. for a period of 2 years from the date of installation or delivery, for both Domestic and Commercial application.
Installation - The Seller guarantees the effectiveness of their installation for a period of 2 years from the date initially installed.
Hard Blinds – The Seller guarantees to fix or replace any blind or blind componentry found to be faulty because of a manufacturing defect for a period of 5 years for Roller blinds and 3 years for motorisation and all other blind styles for domestic usage, and 1 year for all blind types for commercial usage.
Russells Quality Guarantee – For a period of 2 years for domestic usage, and 1 year for commercial usage, the Seller guarantees to replace any product found to be faulty due to a manufacturing defect where the product has been used in accordance with the manufacturers recommended instructions. No claims for faded fabrics on leadings edges of curtains or Roman blinds that have been exposed to direct sunlight will be recognized. Please see below for more information regarding fabric care and fabric movements.
The Consumer Guarantees Act – when purchasing goods and services supplied by Russells, you receive our commitment to upholding your rights and guarantees in accordance with the Consumer Guarantees Act, giving you peace of mind.

Terms of payment

Unless otherwise agreed, the Seller requires a deposit of 50% of the proposal’s total value before commencing the order.
Paying the deposit signifies the buyer’s acceptance of our Terms and Conditions.
The balance of payment is due prior to the installation of the goods.
For self-install jobs, payment is required before commencing the order.
The Seller will not be held financially liable should a supplier’s inability to supply the ordered fabric on-time, or indeed at all, results in a client’s inconvenience or financial loss.
Buyers cancelling jobs after orders have been processed and/or work has been commenced, will be liable for the costs the Seller has accrued in that process, including but not limited to fabric costs, re-stocking fees, sewing labour etc.
If installation is delayed at the Buyers request, 10% of the value of the job may remain unpaid until the job’s completion. The remaining funds will be subject to the regular payment terms of payment in full before the installation is completed.
Repairs of damaged goods, for example damage while transporting or during installation, will be the liability of the party at fault. If there are questions as to how damages were caused and who is at fault, costs accrued while determining fault of damages will be borne by the party found at fault.
If, at the Buyers request, the Seller makes more than one trip to complete installation, the Seller reserves the right to charge an additional Install Van Charge for each additional visit to the property
If the Seller is liable for repair of damaged property, the Seller must agree to the quote and the quote must be invoiced to the Seller directly. If the Buyer proceeds with the repair work without the Sellers written approval, the Seller is not obliged to pay for the repair work.

Fabric care

New Zealand has some of the strongest sunlight in the world and with our extreme UV rating, customers should be aware of certain precautions when selecting window furnishings.
All fabrics, regardless of the dyes used will deteriorate under direct sunlight or reflected ultraviolet light.
Where possible a quality sun filter is recommended when fabrics are in direct or reflected sunlight, even if through double glazed or tinted windows.
A superior quality lining is always recommended.
Leading edges of curtains (those facing the windows) are particularly vulnerable to sunlight degradation. To help minimize this effect, it is recommended that curtains be rotated periodically, i.e. – the left-hand curtain swapped to the right-hand position.
Ensure sufficient ‘stack back’ is achieved to minimize direct sunlight when drawing the curtains off the window during the day. Although closing curtains may keep the interior cooler, it is highly destructive to curtain fabrics and the temperatures between the glass and fabric can be extreme causing fabrics to become more susceptible to tearing and disintegration.

Fabric movement

Fabrics are not a solid substance and can move due to atmospheric conditions. An acceptable industry standard allows for up to 3% movement in most fabrics and with certain others e.g. Acrylic, Polyester, Cotton, Linens and Acetates, 5-6% shrinkage is considered normal.


A re-scheduling fee of $150.00 is levied when installation is cancelled by the Buyer within one business day of a previously agreed to time. This will be added to cover costs incurred by the seller.